Lottery Number Specialist
Everybody purchases a lottery ticket with the hope that he or she may be the lucky one to win. However, this requires a very strong luck as the probability of winning a lottery is one in a million. But Astrology, being a science of predictions, can help you win a lottery as luck and destiny is strongly governed by the planets in a personís horoscope or birth chart. Astrology can provide you with the lucky numbers most probable of winning, the proper time of winning a lottery, based on the analysis of birth charts and horoscopes.

For example, the second house in the horoscope pertains to material wealth, fifth house is related to quick gains, ninth house relates to luck. If the relationships between the lord of second, fifth, and ninth house are cordial then using this information, the times and numbers can be generated. But this requires advanced knowledge of horoscope analysis, numerology, and basic astrology.

Pt. Karan Sharma, who is widely known for his numerology expertise, and his great experience in astrology, can analyse your birth chart and predict the lucky period and numbers for you with his unmistaken calculation powers.

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